Intensive Outpatient Program in Sarasota, FL

       Heal. Embrace Sobriety. Transform Your Journey.

When life’s challenges spiral, and drugs or alcohol cloud your path, CenterPointe Recovery in Sarasota is the refuge you seek. By enrolling in our intensive outpatient program you don’t just get treatment; you embark on a journey of renewal.

With a robust spectrum of intensive outpatient program services under one roof, we pride ourselves in being a standout hub in Sarasota, Florida for those battling addiction. And while our primary focus is addressing substance abuse, our location within MindSpa provides an additional benefit: patients can complement their treatment journey with services such as craniosacral therapy, float tank, massage, sauna, or acupuncture. 

Our team of licensed therapists and clinicians is well-versed in both drug rehab and alcohol rehab, providing a holistic approach that encompasses both mental health services and addiction treatment. Our group therapy sessions foster community and understanding. We walk with you, guide you, and support you every step of the way. And when you choose us, know that we’re with you—from the first step to long-term sobriety.

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Embark On A New Journey In Sarasota, Florida

Unlike the conventional inpatient settings, our Sarasota intensive outpatient program offers a flexible pathway to recovery. This model allows individuals to continue living at home, immersing themselves in treatment by attending our Sarasota rehab center multiple times a week for enriching group therapy sessions. This structure is designed with the modern individual in mind, striking a balance between healing, family commitments, work responsibilities, and everyday life.

From the moment you step into our sanctuary in downtown Sarasota, our dedicated team delves deep to craft the most effective treatment blueprint for you. And while our primary focus is on outpatient services, if there’s ever a need for a more intensive approach like inpatient treatment, we provide guidance seamlessly. Central to our philosophy are pillars of continuous learning, fostering local community relationships, and the transformative power of group therapy.

In our sessions, with groups intentionally kept small—no more than ten individuals—every person is given the attention they deserve. Furthermore, we actively involve and educate the support systems of our clients, be it family or close friends, equipping them with essential tools and knowledge to be effective pillars of support in the recovery journey.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Addiction impacts every facet of one’s existence, from physical health to emotional well-being. During our intensive outpatient program in Sarasota, we aim to heal these wounds, steering you towards a life unburdened by drugs. The comprehensive services available at our Sarasota drug rehab transcend traditional therapeutic encounters. 

Alcohol Abuse Treatment 

Alcohol’s reach can extend far beyond the individual, affecting relationships, families, and community bonds. At our alcohol addiction treatment center in Sarasota, we embrace a comprehensive strategy. We address not just the physical ramifications but the emotional toll as well. Join us at our Sarasota alcohol rehab and embark on a journey to forge a harmonious bond with alcohol and rediscover life’s joys.

"Amazing program and group leaders with all sorts of alternative goodies tucked in. I just can’t say enough, words don’t do it justice"

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"I visited CenterPointe Recovery for CranioSacral Therapy. I appreciated Carrie's approach and the calm environment. It was a great experience and I felt much better afterwards."

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"I came to CenterPointe desperate for help. I found the environment to be one of understanding and healing with a mix of approaches to help you try and understand the nature of your problems. The counselors were invested in my recovery and the others I met at the program helped me feel like I wasn't so alone. "

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Accepted Insurances

We understand the importance of accessible care. We accept a variety of insurances including: 

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Your health, safety, and recovery are our utmost priority in our rehab and recovery center. Let our dedicated team in Sarasota, FL guide you and your family members towards healing and recovery.

Address:  5632 Bee Ridge Rd #101, Sarasota, FL 34233

Sarasota Intensive Outpatient Program

Meets 3 days/9 hours per week.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday,  6:00-9:00 p.m.

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What is the Sarasota intensive outpatient program?

Our Sarasota intensive outpatient services focus on a recovery approach tailored for those facing addiction challenges. The intensive outpatient program encompasses structured group therapy sessions, individualized treatment plans, and a variety of therapeutic modalities, all under the guidance of our experienced professionals.

How does the CenterPointe drug rehab in Sarasota differentiate from other centers?

Our Sarasota drug rehab emphasizes a holistic recovery process that not only addresses the addiction itself but also focuses on re-establishing the person’s overall well-being and reconnection with their community.

Can I take a tour of the Sarasota alcohol rehab before committing?

Of course! We encourage potential patients to visit our Sarasota rehab center to get acquainted with our environment, our team, and our philosophy.

What's the proficiency level of the staff at the Sarasota rehab center?

Our team consists of dedicated experts, many of whom bring over two decades of experience in addiction treatment and recovery. The Sarasota addiction specialists offer personalized and effective care for every individual.

How does the Sarasota rehab center determine the best recovery approach for me?

Upon your initial consultation at our Sarasota center, our team conducts a thorough assessment. Based on this, and in close collaboration with you, we craft a recovery plan tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

Is there a way my family can be part of the recovery process at the rehab center in Sarasota?

Certainly! We deeply value the role of close ones in the recovery journey. At our Sarasota center, we equip families with tools and insights, fostering a supportive environment that aids the patient’s healing.

What themes do the group therapy sessions at the Sarasota center cover?

At our Sarasota facility, group therapy is pivotal. Sessions delve into community reinforcement, shared experiences, and mutual support, so that each participant benefits from collective wisdom.

Do you have a more immersive program available in Sarasota?

Indeed, for those seeking an intensified approach, our Sarasota intensive outpatient program is available, running on set days to provide concentrated care.

Apart from the primary treatments, does the Sarasota center offer additional therapeutic options?

Absolutely. At our Sarasota center, we’re proponents of a holistic recovery. Along with primary modalities, we integrate supplementary treatments like massage and acupuncture, courtesy of our association with MindSpa, enhancing the overall healing experience.

Are there other locations outside of Sarasota where I can access your services?

While Sarasota is a primary hub, we also have our reputable facility in Venice.