Comprehensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment and Recovery

Expert Care in a Compassionate Environment

outpatient alcohol treatment

Welcome to CenterPointe where your journey to sobriety begins with our bespoke outpatient alcohol treatment program. Crafted to blend seamlessly into your daily life, our intensive alcohol outpatient treatment offers the flexibility you need with the comprehensive care you deserve. 

At CenterPointe, your recovery is our priority. Whether you’re stepping down from inpatient care or taking your first step towards recovery, our drug and alcohol treatment center is your partner in this transformative journey.

outpatient alcohol treatment

Knowledge is the First Step to Healing

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Alcohol abuse is a challenging and often misunderstood condition, where the consumption of alcohol leads to significant harm or distress. It’s more than just drinking too much on occasion; it’s a pattern of behavior that can have severe, long-lasting effects on your health, relationships, and quality of life.

At CenterPointe, we believe that understanding the nature of alcohol abuse is crucial in the path to recovery. Alcohol abuse can manifest in various forms—from binge drinking to consistent heavy drinking—and each carries its own set of risks. This condition can lead to physical health problems like liver disease and heart problems, as well as mental health issues including depression and anxiety.

At our center, during the intensive outpatient treatment, we address alcohol abuse by looking at the underlying causes. Our alcohol outpatient treatment program is designed to offer comprehensive support, encompassing detoxification, counseling, and long-term strategies to maintain sobriety.

Heal, Grow, Thrive

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Rediscover yourself in our dynamic outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center in Florida. Tailored to fit into your routine, our intensive outpatient treatment offers a blend of expert therapy and compassionate care—so that you don’t just recover, but also thrive. 

Embrace a life of sobriety with our evening and daytime sessions, designed to cater to your unique needs and schedule.

From one-on-one counseling to group therapy and family support, we offer a spectrum of services to strengthen your recovery. 

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Intensive Support for Lasting Change

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Designed for those needing extra support in battling alcohol addiction, our Intensive Outpatient Program runs in both Sarasota and Venice three days a week, allowing for consistent, in-depth treatment without the need for inpatient stay. 

In Sarasota, join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 6:00-9:00 p.m., and in Venice, every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. 

The intensive outpatient treatment in our center is your stronghold against alcohol abuse, with a focus on recovery counseling, educational workshops, and community building. 

Group sizes are kept small (eight to ten members) to offer the focus and attention you need, and family involvement is encouraged so that you benefit from a supportive network for your recovery journey.

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